Bread Coffeehouse is a place unlike any other on campus

…a place where good coffee flows freely, delicious treats are served daily, where residents and staff know your name, where you will be treated with love no matter what you believe, a place that never pushes Jesus on you but a place where the staff believes in serving Jesus by serving you and loving you.

We have live bands, great dinners, quiet study times, deep conversations, great story tellers and people who will listen to you.And we are a lot of fun! Come play ping pong or a board game, create art by baking or drawing on the tables, pick up a guitar, play with playdough or dance in the kitchen.


Located at the intersection of North Decatur Road and Clifton Road, Bread Atlanta serves the students of Emory University and the surrounding area. The house is open Monday through Thursday during the semester for students to get a free cup of coffee, play games, and feel at home.

1227 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30307