Bread is now located in the Somerville/Medford area! We exist for all university students in the area—all are welcome. The team is currently staffed by Lindsay Hicks and Nate Rubright. Learn more about us on our Meet Us! page. We will build community, talk about faith and life, have fun around the area, and experience some incredible moments together. Sign up for our email updates to get in on the adventure!

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We'd love to hear from you!

We are grateful to have communities around us that help us to be a successful campus ministry. 

We attend Reunion on Sundays, located in the middle of Davis Square at the Somerville Theatre. It begins at 10:30 am; you are welcome to join us!

We are so thankful for our supporters & the various ways in which you support our ministry!

Our current needs include:

  • Various Office supplies (or a gift card for office supplies)
  • Laptop with Designing and Publishing software
  • Espresso Machine
  • Monthly support for our Ministry Needs:
    • $25: "Promo Joes" will support our promotional budget to get the word out to the Tufts community
    • $50: "Coffee Snobs" will support Bread Boston's free coffee supply to Tufts students
    • $100: "Launch Lunches" will support free lunches with Tufts students as we launch our ministry
    • $250: "Saavy Staff" will directly support our staff's development, recruitment, and continuing education
    • One-time gifts towards Bread Boston's Sending Budget, called "Starter Dough"

If you would like to give any of these gifts or have any questions, please contact Lindsay.
Please visit our Give page to send your financial support.

Please visit our Amazon Smile Wish List to pursue further donations: 

Thank you for generously making this ministry dream a reality!